Snuggle Kit - Buy One Give One


Make the Valentines Day season special for foster children this year! Sponsor a Snuggle Kit today!

Every day hundreds of youth enter the foster care system. We hope each child is placed with a loving and supportive foster family. However, even with the best placement, the first night can be scary for a child who was removed from their home and separated from their family. To help bring comfort to children on their first night in foster care, we’ve created the Snuggle Kit. This meaningful kit is filled with a bear and a blanket to provide support, warmth and love to a child awaiting their forever home. 

Note: when sponsoring a Snuggle Kit, you will buy one to be sent to you, and one will be given to a child in foster care on your behalf. 

Why Support Kids in Care: 

When you shop in the Foster Love shop you are helping:

  • Give hope to the most vulnerable groups
  • 100% of the profits help kids in foster care
  • Advocate for the foster care community
  • Raise awareness
  • Reduce harm through preventative support
  • Solve problems within the foster care system
  • Remove trash bags from the foster system
  • Provided essential resources
  • Lift the voices of foster youth
  • Support the largest scholarship for current and aged out foster youth
  • Be part of the solution